Hey, this is Moloy and I have been creating these kind of videos for a couple of years now. So, if you are wondering what may be the special thing, let me tell you something. When I was in Art College I used to do sketches at public places. Every time I would find a number of people surrounding me at my back, trying to see me build the sketches and not to mention they seemed to feel pretty amused. That gives you the idea, right? People are obviously attracted to building sketches. That is why you can bet that if you are going to create a video in whiteboard style you are definitely going to attract visitors.

With this kind your scope for creativity is immense and you have a lot of scope to build humor. Video that is capable of putting forward your message by engaging them in to the fun of watching an artist draw. It's definitely going to boost your business to a new level.

There are lot more things about the production of video for you business in this style. Due to its mass appeal, it makes for a very effective video medium to grab peoples attention much better than drab written sales content which most business owners are forced into settling for out of ignorance.

Whiteboard animation video company,
Why us:

With my production team things are a bit different. Over years of gathered experience we have moved ahead from creating the most common traditional styles of rendering. We use certain additional techniques to enhance the creativity, humor and interest. That includes use of color, shading, hand wipes and surprise figure animations. The concept is taken a step ahead when we combine it with our motion graphic skills. We can have animated characters added into it, graphical representation of datas, special effects and a lot more. We are determined to give you the best video possible.

Video scribe animation cost:

To create a useful video for tremendous sales boost, it is is not necessary that you spend thousands of dollars. We are insanely affordable (See top of this page) as compared to our peers and can yet give you outstanding quality work. An average video can be created even by an amateur, but only a seasoned production house like ours would be able to do justice to the job and deliver a video that would be informative, high-impact and Yielding at the same time. After all, buyers would never spend on something that gives them pleasure to watch and serves no purpose. We understand that well and craft our masterpieces keeping in mind the best techniques possible.

Our in-house team of expert Artists and Animators work in close collaboration with the aim to deliver nothing but the best. As a result we are skilled in creating a wide variety of styles for our clients-including simple animated to those with advanced sound effects. A perfect blend of a great script, story board, attractive drawing and captivating sound effects for the ultimate sales impact.


What Our Clients Say ?

“100% satisfied. His team is expert in their profession and values professionalism. Will definitely work on more projects with Pixelgenio.”
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